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Even though artificial grass lasts a lot longer than natural grass, how long it lasts and how much it's worth depends on many things, such as the materials it's made of, how it's taken care of, and some good tips to know.

At one time, fake grass was thought to lose its color over time, but new products make it possible to last much longer.

So, are you thinking about getting artificial grass for your yard? Then you are advised to contact Paradise Valley artificial grass experts, Luxury Turf, to learn more.


How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

It's hard to answer the question, "How long does fake grass last?" Even though progress has made it clear, that products need to be better and last longer, other things can still affect how long your fake grass will last.

Among these factors, but not all of them, are:


Quality of Materials

This is vital for artificial grass's durability. When turf is produced with inexpensive plastic and other materials, it wears out and fades within one to two years. Artificial turf produced from polypropylene and nylon is more durable.

These fabrics are heat and cold-resistant, making them ideal for four-season areas. In addition, they're stain-resistant, so the turf keeps its brilliant colors.


Quality of Installation

You can install synthetic turf yourself, but a quality installation from Luxury Turf increases its longevity, and you have a warranty on installation and materials. Hence, it's best to leave it to specialists.

A skilled installation can ensure no seams or wrinkles and that each section is positioned neatly to eliminate bumps and gaps. In addition, quality installation prevents drainage concerns, weed growth, and plant damage.



While synthetic grass typically requires little maintenance, there are a few things to do to ensure it lasts.

These upkeep methods, for as raking and rinsing, are simple to carry out and aren't frequently required. Occasionally you could carry out maintenance and get no effects. There are a few tips to keep in mind when maintaining your turf to prevent any issues.


How Do I Care For My Paradise Valley Artificial Grass Installation?

The most important thing to remember about taking care of your grass is brushing and raking the infill. This will loosen the grass in places where it has become packed down because of a lot of foot traffic and help the blades stand up straight for a natural look.

Another essential thing to do is rinse the grass every so often to eliminate waste and dirt. This will help eliminate smells, stop discoloration, and eliminate unwanted things like branches and leaves.

Sticky things and pet waste don't get along with fake grass. Things like tree sap, chewing gum, and pet waste can sometimes leave stains or globs that don't seem to come off.

When this happens, it's helpful to freeze the turf with a refrigerant and then scrape off the substance. Even though this isn't fun, it may be the best way to eliminate these things.


Get Help For a New Paradise Valley Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial grass can last 10-20 years with adequate upkeep and high-quality materials. Therefore, the long-term benefits of artificial grass can't be stressed.

Luxury Turf is the region's premier artificial grass company. Our trained designers and installers will handle your business or home synthetic turf job with care.

We understand that your landscaping and backyard are significant investments and trusting your investment with high-quality artificial grass is more crucial than ever.

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