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History: Artificial grass (now called synthetic turf) first came on scene in the 1950's. However, technology and manufacturing was not what it is today, and artificial grass did not have the best of results. Complaints of not feeling real, looking like "plastic", and not being soft enough flew around like blades of grass in a windstorm.

Today: Today turf is very different. Yarns and backing have entered the construction process, installation is greatly improved, clinical testing and re-testing have produced an environmentally safe product, and the visual appeal is greatly improved.

Environment: The earth has changed and families and companies are aware of our limited resource of water. We are concerned about chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and mower emissions poluting our air. Running a lawn mower for one hour is the equivalent of driving a car for 10 hours in traffic. Synthetic turf, with it's natural look and pleasing feel, has become a perfect alternative to natural grass. Our products have no detectable traces of lead or other RCRA hazardous waste heavy metals. For more information visit our distributor's site at

Choosing Turf: Customers have many choices in choosing synthetic turf installation. A key factor is face weight of the yarn per square foot in product. The higher the face weight, the more turf you will have. Our turf ranges fro 42 - 88 ounces of face weight. All of the turf we install is made of the higest quality polyethylene yarn available today, which is designed for optimum resiliancy and blade recovery. The yarns in our turf are anti-microbial and do not absorb external elements or moisture. The turf is constructed with a backing of uniquely formulated urethane and utilizes a non-expandable backing which prevents expansion and contraction of turf when exposed to extreme temperatures and elements.

Turf Measurement and Installation: The synthetic turf we use comes in rolls of 15 feet in width. Turf has a nap, which means it must all be laid in the same direction. We cannot install the turf by adding pieces that are turned 90 or 180 degrees. Therefore, the measurement for turf for your area is not just square footage (length times width). Depending on your dimensions, like carpeting, there may be some turf that cannot be used in installing your turf without excessive seaming or without mismatching the nap. When we visit your home or business we take photos, take measurements, and do a drawing. We use these resources to help us determine the best way to lay your turf so there is the least waste, the least seaming, and the most economy for you.

Dollars and Sense: Look at the return on your investment. Studies show that having your own synthetic lawn is a prudent decision. You may realize a return on investment in approximately 2.5 years. Ask us to show you those figures.

Check with local municipalities to see if they offer rebates on replacing natural grass with synthetic turf.

The typical office building uses 22% of its overall water consumption solely for irrigation. (Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Contact your water supplier for figures on savings to your monthly water bill if you had synthetic turf instead of natural grass in Chandler ARIZONA.