Paradise Valley Artificial Turf. Playground With Luxury Turf

Paradise Valley Artificial Turf. Playground With Luxury Turf

Kids need playgrounds to grow and learn, but they don't always have safe places to play. Natural grass has risks, despite what most people think. Because of this, playgrounds with fake grass are becoming increasingly popular.

Find out why it's better to use Luxury Turf fake grass in Paradise Valley playgrounds than natural grass.


Why Can't Playgrounds Have Natural Grass?

But the lack of grass cushioning isn't the only hiding danger. Here are some more ways it makes playgrounds dangerous for kids.



Children allergic to pollen may have an allergic reaction on playgrounds with grass.

Wet, Muddy Places

Since water takes a long time to drain in the soil, playgrounds with grass flooring often have puddles full of bacteria.

Uneven Terrain

Children's shoes can make the grass uneven, which makes it more likely that someone will trip and fall.

Danger! Things Are Hidden

Rocks and sharp things are hidden by tall, natural grass because it can grow up to 10 inches tall.


Why Playgrounds With Luxury Turf Fake Grass Are Safe

The American Society for Testing and Materials has looked at high-quality fake grass and found it safe (ASTM).

This certification has tested the turf to meet industry standards for vertical, shock absorption, and reducing head impact. To keep from getting hurt, you must have these safety features.

The base of artificial grass is padded to make it more comfortable. The padding on its surface makes it less likely that kids will break bones or get concussions if they fall or slip on it.

This makes it perfect for playground equipment like monkey bars and jungle gyms, which give kids a chance to practice climbing.


No Bugs or Weedkillers

Pests like insects, rodents, snakes, and birds tend to hang out in playgrounds with natural grass.

Children could get hurt if they played in or near these. Also, insects and other pests don't like artificial grass because it doesn't feed or give them a safe place to live.

If you plant grass, there won't be any bugs or weeds, and the playground will still look great.

You don't need chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or fungicides to help it grow. So children are not at risk of getting sick from these dangerous chemicals.


Drains Water Quickly

Artificial grass is porous, so water drains through it faster and easier than natural grass. Also, because it doesn't collect puddles of dirty water, germs and bacteria can't grow on its surface.

Also, artificial grass doesn't get slippery when wet like natural grass. Instead, it gives you a little grip, which makes it less likely that you'll slip and fall. So, kids can still play there even though it's raining.


Get Help With Playground Artificial Grass In Paradise Valley

Are you ready to jump in and put fake grass on the playground? Then, when you hire Luxury Turf, you know the job will be done quickly and without any problems.

We only put in the highest quality fake grass in playgrounds. So, there's no need to worry because your playground will have all these safety features. You can contact Luxury Turf here, and a staff member will be in touch. In addition, you can complete the minor form below if you need a quick response.

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